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Not available ICOM ic 718 hf base transceiver
Multimode HF Transceiver to pparato-class, compact, ideal for DX stations and vehicular use and the "field-day".
Four-stage receiver circuit. Allows optimal reception IMD discarding any adjacent interfering signals
Innovative PLL circuit. Improves the C/N ratio.
DSP operations (optional): using the optional UT-106 cannot operate in DSP getting a superior reception quality, both in fixed and mobile configuration or during the contest DX
Noise reduction: the desired AF signal is extracted from the noise component, resulting in a significant improvement of S/N ratio and then a crisp audio response on SSB and AM.
Automatic Notch Filter: overlaid frequency reduces the beat signals and without changing the received signal. Its frequency is adjusted automatically to the beat signal thereby reducing interference for example RTTY signal during operations in SSB.
IF function Shift: the center frequency of the bandwidth IF can be slipped to reduce interference from adjacent signals in SSB mode.
FSK operations: VOX to operate in hands-free transmission
Microphone compressor that compresses the audio signal from the microphone by increasing the average value of the output signal. Compression is freely adjustable. Useful for long distance communication or in conditions of poor propagation RF gain control works in combination with the squelch control allowing optimum receipt and scan.
CW performance: the apparatus incorporates an electronic keyer with variable line/point ratio (1:1: 4.5 to 2.6). Simply connect a Paddle in order to work on CW. Adjust pitch and speed of the CW are adjustable in the range of 300-900 Hz, 6-60wpm. Of course full operations are possible break-in late break-in also freely adjustable by the operator.
Various optional IF filters available
Selectable antenna tuner: the unit can handle the AT-180 or AH-4 according to user's needs.
High frequency stability: ± 0.5 ppm achievable with the filter-optional-CR-338.
Ease of use: the frequencies but also the channel number are inserted directly from the keyboard. S/RF digital tool. The apparatus uses a system of control of signal reception and transmission power multifunctional and digital type. Via the S/RF meter are also controllable even on stationary wave ratio VSWR ALC level or during transmission
Front speaker and large LCD display to display all parameters.
Continuous reception from 0.03 to 29.9 MHz
100W (PEP) RF max
RF Attenuator
Noise Blanker with adjustable level
Built-in preamplifier
Speech synthesizer via optional UT-102 for the announcement (in English) of frequency, its mode and received signal strength
Band stacking register
Various types of scanning available
101 total memory channels
S/RF digital multifunctional indicator to display the received signal strength, ALC and VSWR ratio in Tx
Complete with microphone mic, cord, plugs and Sockets and owner's manual
RELATED to COMMUNITY DIRECTIVE 1999/5/EC (R & TTE) MINISTERIAL ACCEPTANCE notification: the 0049069 of 7/30/13 9/22 + 0003173

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ICOM ic 718 hf base transceiver

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