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X1P Hytera – miniaturized Transceiver with alphanumeric keyboard and 1.8 "color TFT display, dual mode standard analog/digital DMR Tier II (up gradabile via SW to DMR Tier III) and in VHF (136-174 MHz) with power 1 – 5 W or UHF (400-470 MHz) with power 1 – 4 W. The unit comes complete with all advanced features such as vibration alarm, GPS, Bluetooth ® and integrated Man Down.
IP67 waterproof, resistant to a water depth of one meter for at least half an hour and complies with MIL standard 810 C/D/E/F/G is able to withstand even extreme mechanical loads. Dimensions h x w x d 119.5 x 57 x 21 mm and weight 240 g (1100 mAh Li-Ion battery).

All new Hytera devices are designed with the use of electronic components in low energy absorption that provides greater autonomy. This translates into the ability to have devices with dimensions and weight less cumbersome, besides the advantage of having lower-cost batteries.

Because of our resale contract with Hytera authorized to sell equipment exclusively for ham radio but not for professional applications

  • VHF frequency range 136 – 174 MHz/UHF 400-470 MHz
  • Channeling 20/25 kHz 12.5/analog
  • Digital trunking 12.5 kHz
  • 1/5 W VHF-UHF RF power 1/4 W
  • Up to 1024 channels
  • Environmental protection IP67, MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G
  • Operating modes: analog/DMR Tier II
  • Reports HDC1200, DTMF, 5-2-tones and shades
  • Pseudo-trunking feature (DMO & RMO)
  • Roaming capabilities (cell)
  • 40-bit digital encryption in accordance with specifications DMRA
  • Only Worker functionality
  • Features Vibracall
  • Priority Interrupt Capabilities
  • Bluetooth for wireless communications and wireless PTT in accordance with IEEE 802.15.1
  • Integrated Man down feature
  • Integrated GPS receiver

Supplied X1p:
  • Ultra thin radio terminal with display and keyboard
  • Lithium-Ion battery (1400 mAh)
  • Charging stand for two people
  • 100-240 Vac power supply for charging – 12 VDC/1A
  • Standard antenna VHF/UHF 400 MHz or 174 163 – AN0168H01 – AN0435H06 MHz, 470
  • Wrist strap
  • Operating instructions

Compatible with MOTOROLA and GPS

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Hytera X1P DMR handheld transceiver with integrated GPS

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