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Not available HP 2001 solar wifi weather station

Wireless weather station with colour display, Wifi and internet


The professional remote weather station HP-2001 offers more than one monitor weather can get! The external drive offers sensors for wind speed and direction, outside temperature, humidity, light radiation and precipitation. An additional remote sensor measures indoor temperature, indoor humidity and barometric pressure. The outdoor unit is provided by three ZnMn rechargeable batteries, which are included in the shipment. The solar sensor Panel charges the batteries, resulting in power free provision of maintenance

Oitdoor unit must be assembled before use, the tools you need are included. Data is transmitted on 868 MHz to the display, the distance can be up to 100 m. Data is transmitted every 16 seconds, fast enough to capture short-term phenomena as wind gusts. For correct measurement of light radiation of the outdoor unit must be oriented in a North/South direction before operation.

A great unit color display (LCD) shows the measured data and need to configure the weather station: HP-2001. The Panel is controlled by 8 buttons on the bottom edge of the screen. The LCD is backlit, making data easy to read even in low-light conditions. While normal view shows more measured meteorological data: Windspeed and direction, indoor and outdoor temperature as well as humidity, barometric pressure, rainfall, solar radiation, but also date and time, Sunrise and sunset times, moon phases and more.

Another mode of operation of the display shows historical values of peak. Here many values like wind speed, indoor/outdoor temperature, pressure, humidity, etc. are presented in an easy-to-read, in tabular form. Access to older data is available through the memory oaging. The internal memory is large enough to store one or two years of data. An external memory card (not included) can be used as a backup medium, useful to transfer the measurement data to a computer. All values are stored in a simple CSV text format that can be imported into spreadsheets for long-term archives. The story mode also provides a graphical view of memory data in the long term, very useful to see the trends of development in the current weather conditions.

To offer a very high precision, most sensors HP-2001 can be calibrated using another tool. A special configuration page allows you to enter data for various sensors, including the type of calibration tool used. Other configuration data includes the geographic location, required to calculate Sunrise and sunset times and the use of data via the Internet. Date and time is automatically adjusted using standard NTP time server.

A very special feature of the weather station HP-2001 is the possibility to transmit the measured data to the Internet. The measurements are sent to a server in your organization "Weather Underground". This is a u.s. company that collects real-time data of approximately 40 ' 000 users worldwide and uses this data to generate independent forecasts. Join a large volunteer organization that helps to collect environmental data and provide precise advertising forecast warnings. The internet connection is made from Wifi, a WiFi router with ability is required at home. You must register once on the site, after setting up HP-2001 automatically sends the data to

Included in shipment:


  • Display Unit HP 2001
  • outdoor sensor unit
  • Wind indicators
  • Mounting hardware for outdoor unit
  • Internal sensor unit
  • 3 PCs ZnMn rechargeable batteries (for outdoor unit)
  • Supply 5V for display unit
  • Instruction manual (in English)


technical specifications




  • Room temperature: -10° C to 60° C from
  • Outside temperature: -30° C to 65° C
  • Temperature accuracy: ± 1.0° C
  • Outdoor humidity: 1% to 99% relative humidity
  • External precision humidity: ± 5%
  • Indoor humidity: 1% to 99% RH
  • Precipitation amount: 0-9999 mm
  • Wind speed: 0-180 km/h
  • Barometric pressure: 300-1100 hPa
  • illumination intensity: 0-400 kLux, ± 15%
  • Measuring range outdoor unit: 16 Sek.
  • Internval indoor unit measure: 64 Sek.
  • Display power supply: 5V DC, power supply included
  • Outdoor unit power: 3 x AA rechargeable batteries, included
  • Indoor unit power: 2 x AAA batteries, not included

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HP 2001 solar wifi weather station

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