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HP 1500 watt powered HF antenna M200A Tarheel
Tarheel antennas are HF mobile antennas, using an integrated engine and cover the entire shortwave band. The cylindrical shape, weather-lower part contains a large reel and the 12V motor. With the big coil these antennas have an efficiency much higher than comparable thin long antennae, like a disadvantage these antennas are much more visible.
At the bottom are various stainless steel beaters, depending on the model. Included in shipment is a long control cable 6 m ready for use, the cord is melted and includes a ferrite bead to eliminate interference in the control unit manual supplied. The antennas have a 3/8 "thread on the bottom, smaller models can be installed directly on any base vehicle with 3/8" connector. Little Tarheel II could be easily installed for example on the basis of triple magnet.
The control unit manual included may be replaced by a optional automatic control unit. So appliance stores once you find the settings and can easily recall. Request sensor that counts the number of revolutions of the engine is integrated into all Tarheel antennas.
ModelLittle Tarheel IIM200A-HPM300A 
Frequency range3.5-543.4-281.7-30MHz
Length lower section4012090cm
Diameter lower section405050mm
Length of whip80180180cm
Total length on highest frequency1.23.12.8m
Total length on lowest frequency1.753.63.4m
Max. power load2001500250W PEP
SWR typ.< 1.5< 1.5< 1.5 
Weight0.9 3.8kg

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HP 1500 watt powered HF antenna M200A Tarheel

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