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Hf multiband vertical antenna EAGLE DX GAP


The most recent antenna family GAP.

The EAGLE is the smallest of the family. Weighs less than 9 Kg and can be mounted almost anywhere-at ground level, on a pole, on the roof, or on top of a tower. It is essentially a set of vertical dipoles! No traps or coils, transformers!
The EAGLE covers the entire spectrum with 40/20 2:1 VSWR on If the band is quite ' open ', you can easily crochet a ' VK ', but when conditions are not so good then you must have an antenna at peak efficiency. Its efficiency is unequalled. Has no traps, transformers or various pairs to reduce the transmit and receive power. Choose the EAGLE for maximum reading of your s-meter!
Are necessary counterweights hard 3 (see photo), but no radials.


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Antenne GAP

  Titan Challenger Eagle Voyager
Bande 2m   Si    
6m   Si    
10m Si Si Si  
12m Si Si Si  
15m Si Si Si  
17m Si   Si  
20m Si Si Si Si
30m Si      
40m Si Si Si Si
80m Si Si   Si
160m       Si
Max. potenza (PEP) 1500 W 
500 W auf 
1500 W 
500 W auf 
1500 W 
300 W auf 
1500 W 
500 W auf 
Max. potenza (PEP) 7,5m 9,5m 6,5m 13,5m
Superficie d'antenna 0,5m² 0,41m² 0,42m² 0,83m²
Documentazione in tedesco Si No Si Si
Peso 11,5 Kg 9,5 Kg 8,5 Kg 17,5 Kg
Diametro del mast 30-35 mm Ø - 30-35 mm Ø -

Hf multiband vertical antenna EAGLE DX GAP

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