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Disponibile magazzino fornitore G5RV 40 bands 4 10 m antenna with balun

Good antenna for all bands 80 to 10 meters (or from 40 to 10 meters, or 160 to 10 meters), consist of a dipole along 31m that it is powered with a parallel line (450 Ω) 10 m long. At the end of the parallel line one can use a coax of any length (request with balun).
The SWR on bands 1 1 1: between 4 and that's required: tuner. Usually are sufficient internal tuners some radios. Works well, but with reduced efficiency, on WARC bands.
Max. power 1KW SSB/CW, supplied with parallel power line, antenna wire covered in PVBC.
If you have enough space the G5RV (version 40 or 80 m) can be used together with our fiberglass mast hang on one side (hot side) of the antenna to the mast, the other side (cold) Rollie's used as radial. The line is used as a second ladder sra radial.

ArticleBandsLengthFeedline lengthBalun

5-band G5RV80-10 m31m9, 50 mwithout

G5RV 5 Bands80-10 m31m9, 50 mwith balun 1:1

4-band G5RV40-10 m16m4, 80 mwithout

G5RV 4 Bands40-10 m16m4, 80 mwith balun 1:1

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G5RV 40 bands 4 10 m antenna with balun

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