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Form NEDSP 1061 AF DSP noise suppression

Size of a postage stamp (30x38mm) for internal use in many radio. Uses the same technology DSP as the well known speakers. The module is simply inserted into the audio line. Potentiometers are provided for input and output levels adjustments to different rigs. An LED help oer the tune. With one button can be selected or not 4 different filters.
This module is particularly interested suitable for installation for the FT-817 (FT-847 and FT-897 and others). Due to its small size it can be installed inside without much trouble. The control button and LEDs are assembled on the top front of the FT-817.


Download: Installation of NEDSP-1061 in FT-817

Download: English review about FT-817 DSP unit NEDSP-1061.

In Italian

Download: Installation Instruction NEDSP-1061 in FT-897D

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Form NEDSP 1061 AF DSP noise suppression

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