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Only to order Flexradio Flex kit 6300 + master

The kit includes the most remote control 6300 Flex Master

The new series 6000 is equipped with up to 2 units (6700 models only) digital capture (SCU) direct sampling, able to create up to 8 separate receivers (6700 models only) and offer up to + 45dBm of IP3 and 110db dynamic range (DR3). With these characteristics, the operator is able to separate and work with ease also stations only 100 Hz away from strong interfering signals.

Direct sampling receivers have no mixer, which results in a clean and easy to listen and therefore offer not in classic conversion receivers and its traditional filters.

The transmitter is equipped with 100W and the purity of the transmitted signal is ensured by direct sampling too transmitter (UP) and is equipped with automatic antenna tuner.

Optionally it is possible to equip the 6000 series GPS locked oscillator, frequency stability and accuracy never before seen in an amateur.

Flexradio Systems MASTER is the new 6000 series transceivers control console that allows immediate use of the equipment without a PC, via the LAN connection WiFi, or directly to the appliance.

Flexradio Systems MASTER is a modern and functional radio panel with touch screen, buttons and knobs, connections for microphone and key/paddle with which use the apparatus without renouncing traditional operation of any radio equipment, as well as allowing remote anywhere covered by your LAN

Maestro comes complete with:

Power supply 220V

Pair of supports for variable incline

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Flexradio Flex kit 6300 + master

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