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DIAMOND X6000N Vertical antenna for 144, 430 and 1200 Mhz band

Length: 3.05 m

radial length: approx. 52 cm

Weight: 1.8 kg

Gain: 6.5 dB (144MHz), 9.0 dB (430MHz), 10.0 dB (1200MHz)

Max Power rating: 100W FM (144/430MHz), 60W 100W FM FM (1200MHz), Total

Impedance: 50ohms

ROS: less than 1.5:1

rated wind speed: 50 m/sec.

Mast diameter accepted: 30 mm to 62 mm

Connector: N-J

Type: 2 x 5/8wave C-Load (144MHz), 5 x 5/8wave C-Load (430MHz), 6x5/8wave C-Load (1200MHz), FRP outershell

Warning-Counterfeit Diamond Products!

Unfortunately we found that fake diamond antennas were offered on the German and European market. Affected are the popular Omni-directional antennas for fixed installation of the "X-Series", but also some mobile antennas and equipment.
Even the packaging is deceptively copied from original-yellow sleeve diamond logo! But there are some subtle differences how to locate him fakes.

Bottom Part of Antenna


Different shape. False is lucid, the original has a matte finish. Different stickers.

Antenna and radio tube

dia3.gif (167789 Byte)
Original tube with diamond sticker, original stainless steel radial thread and counter nut.
Forgery with brass clamp pressed on.

U-bolt and clamps

dia2.gif (5349 Byte)
U mounting bracket clamps (X-510, X-700 and X7000 use different pliers)

dia1.gif (3966 Byte)

Further characteristics

  • Counterfeit products are packed with bubble film, the antennae are not original.
  • Press the button that closed the yellow plastic packaging is originally made of metal, using plastic fakes.
  • Yellow packaging is folded down, giving

more stability. Fake products don't have this yellow box overlay.
  • Instructions are printed on both sides with the original, and are simple cpoies fakes a one-sided picture.
  • Depending on the type of antenna points out one or more of these differences may occur. Please check carefully before suspecting a supplier without reason.

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    Gamma di frequenze      10m
    Guadagno10m      3.4 dBi
    6m    1,5 dBi2,1 dBi5.5 dBi
    2m2.8 dBi4,5 dBi6,5 dBi8,3 dBi2,1 dBi6,2 dBi 
    70cm5,6 dBi8,3 dBi9,0 dBi11,7 dBi5,5 dBi8,4 dBi 
    23cm9,2 dBi11,7 dBi10,0 dBi13,7 dBi   
    10m      5/8 λ
    6m    1/2 λ1/2 λ2 x 5/8 λ
    2m1/2 λ6/8 λ2 x 5/8 λ3 x 5/8 λ1/2 λ3 x 5/8 λ 
    70cm2 x 5/8 λ3 x 5/8 λ5 x 5/8 λ8 x 5/8 λ5/8 λ4 x 5/8 λ 
    23cm5 x 5/8 λ7 x 5/8 λ6 x 5/8 λ14 x 5/8 λ   
    Potenza mass.100 W100 W100/60 W100/60 W150 W150 W200 W FM, 500 W SSB
    Lunghezza1,3 m1,8 m3,0 m5,0 m1,4 m2,5 m6,8m
    Mass. Velocità di vento210 km/h210 km/h180 km/h144 km/h210 km/h180 km/h125 km/h
    Diametro Asta30 - 62 mm30 - 62 mm30 - 62 mm30 - 62 mm30 - 62 mm30 - 62 mm30 - 62 mm

    DIAMOND X6000N Vertical antenna for 144, 430 and 1200 Mhz band

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