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Cw Keyer Tiny

Morse keyer for keyboards of PCs
Microprocessor-controlled unit lets you send morse signals with any PC keyboard (PS/2). Many features are available with embedded software. ES ... memoirs, loops, contest sequence numbers, beacon id etc. Works without PC, requires from 7 to 15 V DC. Absorbed power. Max 50mA, Inc. keyboard.


  • Eight standard text memory (4 x 32 chars, 4 x 64 chars), deemed even after switch off
  • A Quick memory eg note the call of your correspondent for easy and immediate recall
  • Two speed selectable keying.
  • Fast speed control or end
  • Seven different training programs
  • Personal weight of point-line-break
  • usual traffic signals type BK, AR, SK available with the command Alt-key
  • automatic generation of sequences for the contest (Zero as "T" or "0")
  • Continous keying for the harmony
  • Visual feedback for overflow or memory errors
  • The way Beacon allows programmable delays
  • Programmable output pin control e.g. for selection of power of a beacon
  • The latest version also supports the ' @ ' character

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Cw Keyer Tiny

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