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Not available CW 80 Radio Works Carolina Windom 80


Carolina Windom (CW-80), * 80 - 10m (IncWARC), *        

Gain, low-angle : 5 - 10 dB    

Length : 40.5 (133ft),  

Feeder : 50 Ohm 

Correspondence : Balun /Line insulator  

Transmatch : Required

SWR : low power : 1.5 kW     

radiator V : 6,7 (22ft),   

Installation : > 9 m (30 feet) above the ground   

The size of this antenna makes it ideal for many gardens and its potential DX ad at least a S -point for the signal in more occasions. The secret is in section vertical and offers excellent low-angle of radiation . Ma short-range contacts will be enhanced . As the antenna covers all bands that can be used as main system e works just as well as reversed V. o sloper . The power system to offset makes installation domesticates much more convenient.                                          

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CW 80 Radio Works Carolina Windom 80

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