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Out of production CQXIEGU X 108G 20W QRP

The ' X-108G ' is the improved version of the already offered transceiver X-108. The X-108G is a single transceiver conversion for all amateur bands from 160-10 meters, including WARC bands. The device provides an output power of 1-20W on all amateur bands.

The transceiver ' X-108G ' from CQXIEGU has two separate, if filters. For SSB 2.4 kHz filter is provided, the operator CW ambitious will appreciate the filter 500Hz Strait. Similarly, a manipulator with adjustable speed is integrated.

The color-Display of X-108G shows the usual values such as frequency and mode, but also an S-Meter and a Power Meter. It also displays the current parameters of SWR and others.

An area of improvement for the new X-108G is the receiver. The noise level was significantly reduced. The selected components to the receiver are high quality, so that this single super heterodyne double diode mixer in addition to excellent dynamic range also offers a low noise receiver. The receiver sensitivity is 0.2 μV and loop double flawless reception band-pass filters on all bands. This is supported by a built-in AGC, a preamp and an attenuator. Optionally, a noise suppressor is available.

The transmitter delivers AM modulation mode 20W max., USB, LSB and CW. Built-in protection circuitry protect the transmitter from a too high SWR. Spurious rejection is ≥ 40dBc. The frequency stability is 0, 5ppm, a TCXO is included. Provides an audio compressor. The electret microphone is a type and is compatible with the Icom HM-133.

The ' X-108G ' has a USB port on the back panel (Micro-B) so you can control the little transceiver with a computer. CAT Protocol is compatible with ICOM IC-7000. Firmware updates can also be uploaded. In addition, there are the back connectors for external 12V power and accessories too. A new addition is an ACC Mini-DIN FPOR LETTING accessories. Also included are the brackets for the protection of transceievr.

0.2 microvolts

The transceiver is supplied as kits are almost done. There is no soldering needed, only a mechanical work easy.

The kit has no CE marking after completion. The finished appliance can then only be used by licensed radio amateurs.

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  • Brand: CQXIEGU
  • Product Code: X-108G
  • Availability: Out of production
  • 494,99€
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Specifications X-108G
Bands160-10 meters (. Ham bands including WARC)
Filters0.5 kHz SSB 2.4 kHz/CW
Direct voltage12.0 V-14.5 V DC
Current0.6 A (RX)/7.5 A (TX)
Temperatures-20° C to + 60° C
> Measure120 mm × 45 mm × 180 mm (w x h x d)
Spurious emission≤ 40 dBc
Frequency stability0.5 ppm
PrincipleSingle Conversion
Pre-amp12db, switchable
Attenuator10 DB, switchable
Receiver sensitivity
Carrier suppression≥ 45 dBc