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Not available CommRadio CR1A SDR receiver

Wide Range Communications Receiver featuring digital USB I-Q Output, EZ-Vue Amber Display, Internal Li-ion Rechargeable Battery, standard mini-USB Interface Cable, unterminated 2.1 mm plug power cable, Printed User's Manual.

General Specifications:

Frequency Coverage and Modes: MW-HF:

General Coverage: 500 kHz-30,000 MHz

• User Configurable Key: Band or Amateur Band Selections: 160 m – 10 m or International Broadcast Bands: 120 m-11 m

• AM-SSB-CW manual or auto-mode selection (based on tuned frequency)

• International Broadcasting: manual or auto-selection: 5 kHz steps

• Automatic-select Filter Width with override (manual selection)

• Tuning Resolution (cursor control): 1 kHz/1 MHz/100 -10-100-10 Hz

• MDS (minimum discernible signal): nominal-130 dBm at 500 Hz Bandwidth

• LW: 150-500 kHz is included for experimental purposes. See Hardware Limitations below. VHF-UHF General Frequency Coverage and Performance:

• VHF: Continuous Coverage: 64.0-260.0 MHz

• UHF: Continuous Coverage: 437.0-512.0 MHz

• FM Broadcast: nominal-88 dBm in 200 kHz bandwidth

• VHF Sensitivity 108.0-150.0 MHz: nominal-98 dBm (or better) for 12 dB SINAD, 15 kHz bandwidth filter (5 kHz deviation)

• UHF Sensitivity: nominal-86 to-98 dBm for 12 dB SINAD, 15 kHz bandwidth filter (5 kHz deviation)

• Standard frequency steps for each band VHF-UHF Band Plan:

• FM Broadcast: 87.7-107.9-Monaural-5 kHz audio bandwidth (76.0 MHz International)

• Aircraft Bands: 108,000-136,975 MHz, AM auto-select -25 kHz channel steps

• Amateur: 2 m, 1.25 m, 70 cm (upper portion starting @ 437.0 MHz).

• MODULATION mode default with SSB-CW mode selects.

• Marine & NOAA Weather Radio

• Public Service: 137.0-225.0:12.5 and 25 kHz steps.

• FRS-GMRS 462-467 MHz 25 kHz Steps

• General Coverage 467-512 MHz

• Notes: 6 m (54 MHz) is not available. Receiver Architecture:

• HF: Dual conversion (VHF-UHF: single conversion) with low-IF, I-Q digital sampling, 32-bit DSP with digital audio CODEC

• DSP demodulation algorithms: DSB-AM, SSB, CW, WBFM, MODULATION

• User Selectable, fixed bandwidth channel DSP filtering selections Audio System-Digital CODEC

• Speaker Driver: 0.8 W into 8 Ohm load

• Internal 2.5 "diameter, mylar-cone communications grade speaker

• External monaural speaker jack (3.5 mm stereo jack-back panel)

• Headset Driver: 40 mW into 16 Ohms. (3.5 mm stereo jack-front panel). Antenna Inputs

• LW-MW-3.5 mm jack Port: 1000 Ohm – HF – Retained S/n's 601-749. Eliminated starting with S/N 750.

• LW-MW-50 Ohm-BNC Port: HF (female)

• VHF-UHF Port: 50 Ohm-BNC (female) Display

• 1.5 OLED Display with 128 x 64 "diagonal-EMI-filtered lens

• Readable outdoors (not in direct sunlight) and manually dimmable Power Supplies

• Power Jacks: Powered-USB and 6-18 VDC (2.1 mm diameter center pin (+) x 5 mm diameter barrel)

• Internal Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery 6-8 hour capacity with full speaker volume. 10-12 hours for headset and normal speaker volume. • Both supply inputs automatically charge the optional internal battery with the CR-1a powered on and OFF. Power Consumption

• 1.0 Watt < Headset and normal speaker volume

• 1.2 Watts maximum <-full speaker volume 2.0 USB Mini-B Jack

• Automatically charges the internal battery while maintaining maximum USB power use < 2.5 Watts

• Software updates via ' Dropbox ' with automated email notifications.

• I-Q data and radio controls there or CommRadio supplied basic 200 kHz Spectrum-Scope PC GUI (graphical user interface). or Third party software GUIs (graphical-user-interface) Mechanical:

• Overall Size: 5.65 "W x 6.10 x 2.45" H "D (including knobs, jacks, feet)

• Weight: 1 lb. – 8 oz.

• Knobs: Machined Aluminum-Black Anodized

• Front Panel: Machined Aluminum – Powder Coated – Black Crackle. • Houses: 20 Gauge Steel, Powder Coated – Black Crackle. ESD Protection: ESD Diodes: Antenna ports-Power Jacks-USB Port-Keys – Knobs Hardware Design Limitations:

• The CR-1a is not controllable over USB.

• Analog or digital IQ or IF signals are not ported to any connector at this time.

• LW (480 kHz-150 kHz): The CR-1a was designed to tune down to 500 kHz. The tuner is programmed to provide tuning to 150 kHz. However, there is no dedicated pre-selector in this range. The IF is also in this range and signals from other bands can be heard. The CR-1st performance is not guaranteed in this range and is provided for experimental purposes. Good performance has been reported from one CR-1st owner who uses an external pre LW-selector. Regulatory Compliance:

• FCC Mark Declaration of Conformity-Part 15

• CE Mark (Europe-elsewhere)

• RoHS: No PB Origin & Warranty & Satisfaction Guarantee:

• Designed and manufactured in USA

• Limited 1 year warranty: parts – labor – workmanship

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CommRadio CR1A SDR receiver

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