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Coming soon CG 3000 Automatic Pole Tuner with CTU

The CG-3000 is a reliable automatic tuner for HF from 1.6 to 30MHz, vertical, longwires, dipoles etc. Like the well-known SG-230 this tuner essentially grants antennas filters or monopoly, the antenna connector is simply a high-voltage connector. De you mean connect a coaxial, first connect the shield to ground. The tuner has a range from 12 to 1000 Ω, max. power load 150W.

Once it was agreed, it is stored in non-volatile memory, so that a new deal on a similar frequency will be very fast. The tuner uses an Ip network which has the advantage (compared to L) to act as an additional filter low spurious emission-reducing goals qualifying.

The tuner CG-3000 operates at 12V DC, no other power cable connection. The sturdy plastic container is suitable for outdoor use, size approx. 365x240x75mm. The minimum length of the antenna is 2.5 m for frequencies from 6 MHz and beyond, or at least 8 m from 1.8 MHz and beyond. With a small fiberglass pole (not included) and a bit of wire (not included) you can build a good antenna for all bands.

The price includes the CG command-CTU

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CG 3000 Automatic Pole Tuner with CTU

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