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CAT microHAM USB Interface with CW Keyer

CW-KEYER ™ is a powerful CW USB interface / memory keyer based on the WinKey chip and micro KEYER designed by K1EL. CW Keyer ™ is characterized by the performance of the control panel of the original microKEYER and USB in a small and portable container.

CW-KEYER ™ uses a single USB port and can be interfaced with many log programs both for radio control and CW broadcasting. CW-KEYER ™ supports a PS / 2 keyboard for CW or for controlling memory keyer functions (including serial number generation for contests) or a PS / 2 keypad for controlling memory functions. The taste or keypad functions if the CW KEYER ™ is connected to the computer or not.


All back connectors: USB, CAT, Paddles, PTT keying, CW keying, power supply and keyboard

CW KEYER ™ caracteristics

  • No COM or LPT port is required, just a USB port
  • Complete insulation "Computer <-> Radio" and electrical isolation
  • Compatible with many MS Windows-based log software
  • Integrated pc control port for all CI-V, FIF-232, IF-232, RS-232 radios
  • Chip Integrated K1EL WinKey ™ chip with improved features for a CW top
    • frontal speed control knob
    • nine (9) user-programmable memories
    • Support PS / 2 keyboard / keypad for direct CW sending
    • Support PS / 2 keyboard / keypad for instant playback of CW message and handling of functions
    • The PS / 2 keyboard / CW keypad works without connecting to the PC
    • precise PTT timed car
    • side tone selectable
    • All parameters are stored in the CW KEYER memory and recharged after power up
  • Strong immunity'RFI
  • Quick change connectors
  • Front LEDs for immediate signaling of CW and PTT
  • Aluminum box, sandblasted
  • Upgrades of firmware / software for free and forever via the internet

Technical Dates:

  • USB 2.0 Full Speed ​​or USB 1.1
  • Power supply:
  • USB side max. 100mA
  • Transceiver side max. 100mA @ 13.8V (max 16V)
  • Radioport: RxD, TxD max. 57600 Bd, TTL Pegel, Open Collector, RS232
  • CW: Open Collector, max. 30V / 400mA
  • PTT: Open Collector max. 30V / 400mA
  • Dimensions: 103x44x85 WxHxD
  • Weight: 600g
  • Included in shipping with the CW-Keyer is:
  • CW-Keyer
  • USB cable
  • CD with driver and documentation
  • DC connector

Cables for PTT and CW are not included in the shipment and are easy to realize.

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    CAT microHAM USB Interface with CW Keyer

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