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Not available Apache Labs ANAN 10EE

Differences between the Anan-Anan-10 and 10E

1. The 14-bit ADC ANAN-10E uses a while Anan-16-bit ADC 10 uses a

2. The ANAN-10E uses an Fpga EP3C25 while the Anan-10 uses a larger EP3C40

3. The ANAN-10E supports 2 receivers, while Anan-10 7 media receivers

The ANAN-10E is an ideal platform who want an entry level DDC/DUC SDR tranceiver, platform performance far exceeds the higher end legacy radio.

Technical characteristics

  • Mosfet linear amplifier 10W (160 m-6 m) gives 15-20W for HF and 6 m, 14-BIT 8-10W LTC2208 ADC and an FPGA EP3C25
  • Custom build robust extruded Housing (same as the ANAN-10)
    (Note: without ventilation holes required in. mil style designs)
  • Supports 2 completely independent receivers (which share the same antenna-and with PC software suit, each receiver can display 96/48/192/384kHz of the spectrum)
  • Blocking Dynamic Range (ARRL) no detectable gain compression
    under ADC overload
  • Transmit and receive image rejection > 110dB
  • Full-duplex operation, each Division across 160 m to 6 m range.
  • Software selectable attenuator 31dB in steps of 1 dB
  • The firmware can be updated via the industry-standard TCP/IP Ethernet network connection.

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Apache Labs ANAN 10EE

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