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Not available ALINCO DX SR8E HF Transceiver


Alinco, a world leader in communications, has developed an easy-to-use and compact HF transceiver.

Thanks to the detachable control panel and front speaker, as well as the rational positioning of the controls, the DX-SR8E is an intuitive design achievement.

The DX-SR8E is designed to be a high quality transceiver capable of using heavy-duty cycles less hospitable environments.

• Short wave transmitters at the HF bands and Cover.

• Front panel detachable control.

• Direct input of the frequency using the numeric keypad.

• Remove unwanted signals by IF-shift.

• Removal of QRM filters out noise blanker or narrow, RIT/TXIT.

• Emphasis for operation on CW.

• Dynamic microphone with dynamic compressor.

• Priority scan Modes, Search, Busy, time, memories and program.

• Attenuator and antenna head amp on four levels.

• Three RF power levels with a QRP mode adjustable (0.1 ÷ 2 W).

• Double VFO and memory channels divided into 600 three banks.

• Output for automatic tuner and ALC for ampli er linear.

• Volume, squelch, RIT and IF shift; dial lock and keypad.

• TX/RX Led e-segment alphanumeric display.

• Frontal Connections for microphones, cuf and and external speaker.

• Large internal fan controlled with limtitatore power.

• Protection for SWR level too high.

[Standard accessories]

  • EMS-64 (SR8E/SR8T: Dynamic)
  • DC cable
  • Microphone hanger EBC-7
  • [Optional accessories]

  • EDX-2 automatic long-wire antenna tuner
  • EDS-17 Front control remote kit (5 m cable, front panel bracket, unit cover and hardware)
  • EMS-14 Desktop microphone
  • DM330/340MV series DC power supplies

  • Freeware Downloads
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    Genaral DX-SR8 ALL MODELS Operating mode J3e (USB, LSB) A3E (AM), A1A (CW), F3E (FM) Antenna impedance 50ohm unbalanced Frequency stability +/-1ppm Power requirement 13.8 V DC +/- -15% (11.7 to 15.8 V DC) Ground method Negative ground Current drain Receiver: 1.0 A (max) 0.7 A (Squelched)
    Transmit: 20A Operating temperature -10digC to 60digC (+ 14digF to + 140digF) Dimentions 240 (w) x 94 (h) x 255 (d) mm (Projections not included)
    (9.45 "(w) x 3.7" (h) x 10 "(d)
    240 (w) x 100 (h) x 293 (d) mm
    (9.45 "(w) x 3.94" (h) x (d) 11.54 Weight Approx. 4.1 kg (144.6 oz) Transmitter Power Output SSB, CW, FM: 100W (Hi) Approx. 10W (Low) Approx. 1W (S-Low)
    Am: 40W (Hi) Approx. 4W (Low) Approx. 0.4 W (S-Low) Modulation system SSB: Balanced modulation
    Am: Low power modulation
    FM: Reactance modulation Spurious emission Less than-50dB (Less than-45dB in 30 m band) Carrier suppression More than 40dB Unwanted sideband More than 50 DB (1 kHz) Maximum FM deviation +/-2.5KHz Receiver Receive circuitry Double conversion superheterodyne Sensitivity SSB: (0.15 to 1.8 MHz) 0dBu (1uV)
    CW: (1.8 to 30MHz)-12dBu (0.25 uV)
    Am: (0.15 to 1.8 MHz) + 20dBu (10uV)
    Am: (1.8 to 30MHz) + 6dBu (2uV)
    FM: (28 to 30MHz)-6dBu (0.5 uV) Intermediate frequency 1st 71.75 MHz, 2nd 455KHz Selectivity SSB, CW, AM (narrow): 2.4 KHz/-6 DB 4.5 KHz/-60dB
    Am, FM: 6KHz/-6dB 18 kHz/-60dB
    -6dB: 6KHz or more
    -60dB: 16 kHz or less (NFM) Spurious and image rejection ratio More than 70dB Audio output power More than 2.0 W (8 ohm 10% THD) RIT variable range +/-1.2KHz
    (Us/Canadian Amateur) DX-SR8E
    (European and other regions Amateur) Microphone impedance 300 OHM Transmit Frequency coverage 160 m band
    (1.8 M) 1.80000-1.99999 MHz 1.80000-1.99999 MHz 80 m band
    (3.5 M) 3.50000-3.99999 MHz 3.40000-3.99999 MHz * 60 m band
    (5.3 M) 5.33050 MHz
    5.34650 MHz
    5.36650 MHz
    5.37150 MHz
    5.40350 MHz - 40m band
    (7 m) 7.00000-7.29999 MHz 6.90000-7.49999 MHz 30 m band
    (10 m) 10.10000-10.14999 MHz 9.90000-10.49999 MHz 20 m band
    (14 m) 14.00000-14.34999 MHz 13.90000-14.49999 MHz 17 m band
    (18 m) 18.06800-18.16799 MHz 17.90000-18.49999 MHz 15 m band
    (21M) 21.00000-21.44999 MHz 20.90000-21.49999 MHz than 12 m band
    (24M) 24.89000-24.98999 MHz 24.40000-25.09999 MHz 10 m band
    (28M) 28.00000-29.69999 MHz 28.00000-29.99999 MHz

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    ALINCO DX SR8E HF Transceiver

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