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Acom A04AT automatic tuner

Remote antenna tuner - fewer losses in the power line. Designed for installation in a shack, under a shed or open (see assembly kit options). It can be spaced up to 100 m (330 feet) from the amplifier.

Powered and controlled directly from HF + 6m solid-state ACF amplifiers only through the amplifier's RF output cable - there is no need for power or control cables between the cabin and the tuner.

It provides automatic or manual transmission of the antenna and automatic adaptation of the antenna impedance to the HF + 6m solid state ACF amplifiers, controlled entirely by the amplifier front panel and CAT transceiver.

Protects the transceiver and amplifier from excessive impedance mismatch during the tuning process.

It works with two types of tuning: complete tuning (basic matching cycle) and fast tuning (retrieval of user tuning patterns from non-volatile memory.

Full tuning is 100% automated, however a cycle is only initiated by the operator. User tunings automatically record the antenna and frequency variations during amplifier and transceiver operation.

Four typical antenna types: regular, sharp, wide and fixed frequencies are available, so that the operator can adapt the width of the frequency segment to the bandwidth of the specific antenna; The BYPASS mode is also available.

The antennas appear with a number, type and name that the user can modify on the ACOM solid-state amplifiers screen.

Availability of the tunings presented by a graphic scale on the ACOM solid-state amplifiers screen.

On the ACOM solid-state amplifier screen there is a lot of antenna and tuner information available: ATU SERVICE menu, ATU MEASURE, ATU TUNINGS LOOKING / DELETE, Resource estimation function etc.

You can set the "age" alert to warn you when trying to use outdated tuning.

The user can archive all tunings from non-volatile memory to a computer file and load previously archived files into the non-volatile ACOM 04AT memory via the RS232 port of the ACOM solid-state amplifier.

Protections: PS voltage, PS reverse polarity, excessive RF voltage, RF current or reflected power on antenna outputs, excessive tuning power, excessive input power, relay hot switching, overheating etc.

Protected against the formation of static electricity in the antennas by means of purging resistors and against lightning strikes by means of a gas discharger; unused antennas are grounded directly during operation and all antennas are found when ACOM 04AT is turned off.

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Acom A04AT automatic tuner

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