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mAT-125E Tuner for QRP New
The mAT-125E tuner is a compact and lightweight antenna tuner with built-in LiIon batteries. This ma..
Ex Tax: 210.00€
mAT-30 Tuner for Yaesu radios New
mAT is a supplier from China, which is specialized in the production of antenna tuners. The com..
Ex Tax: 210.00€
Robust roof center for heavy antennas New
The large base of the support makes it suitable for large antennas such as the ATAS-120 etc. Diament..
Ex Tax: 35.00€
LDG Balun New
Baluns by LDG, suitable for use with LDG or stand alone tuners. Max. Power load 200 W, one side has ..
Ex Tax: 0.00€
DVmega CAST Digital Voice Client New
DVmega CAST is a desktop unit with an integrated mini-computer and a chip for the AMBE + 2 ™ v..
Ex Tax: 316.00€
MFJ 5124Y control cable New
The MFJ-5124K cable connects your MFJ-991, MFJ-993 or MFJ-994 Intellituner to your supported Kenwood..
Ex Tax: 75.00€
microHAM Station master New
The microHAM Station is the successor to the popular Band-Decoder and offers many additional feature..
Ex Tax: 360.00€
CG-Antenna RTC-200 interface for yaesu rotors New
The RTC-200 is a compact interface for connecting compatible Yaesu rotors to a computer. You can use..
Ex Tax: 105.00€
Yaesu FTM-3100E 65W mono-band VHF FM transceiver New
The Yaesu FTM-3100E is a single-band FM transceiver for 144 MHz (VHF).The FTM-3100E VHF FM trans..
Ex Tax: 135.00€
Rigexpeet AA 230 Zoom with Bluetooth New
We have installed Bluetooth technology in the antenna analyzer and have opened new applications for ..
Ex Tax: 337.00€
Spid Bigras vertical and horizontal rotor with controller New
From SPID there is a new model of BigRAS. The rotator has even greater resolution and will be delive..
Ex Tax: 1,530.00€
Spid RAS vertical and horizontal rotor with controller New
The RAS rotor is an extra heavy-duty rotor designed for large satellite antennas and is complete wit..
Ex Tax: 1,130.00€
Pass-through cable for windows with PL connectors New
This through cable is made with a flat and solid cable with a thickness of only 1.7 mm and a free le..
Ex Tax: 55.00€
DVmega DVSTICK-30 New
Join the D-Star or DMR network with a radio, only with a USB Vocoder!All digital modes in the ha..
Ex Tax: 100.00€
120 watt amplifier for HF and 50MHz. Includes power supply, preselectors and remote control of the F..
Ex Tax: 0.00€
Diamond BB 7V vertical wide band Antenna -14%
QRV on all bands, even with limited space ... the antenna BB-7V is long 6.7 meters is bearing a 250W..
264.99€ 229.00€
Ex Tax: 229.00€
ICOM IC-7100HF/VHF/UHF ALL MODE TRANSCEIVERIntuitive interface with touch screen With the..
1,215.00€ 1,075.00€
Ex Tax: 1,075.00€
Icom ID 4100E analog transceiver and d-star DUAL BAND VHF / UHF -11%
Analog/Digital VEHICULAR TRANSCEIVER VHF/UHF DUAL BAND Compact, intuitive, the n..
541.00€ 480.00€
Ex Tax: 480.00€
Kenwood TS 890S HF, 50MHz and 70MHz transceiver -5%
Kenwood's new masterpiece is HF / 50MHz / 70MHz.Equipped with a complete conversion receiver..
3,850.00€ 3,649.00€
Ex Tax: 3,649.00€
RM Italy BLA 350 300W Transistor Amplifier for HF -6%
Unlike too many other 12V amplifiers, the BLA-350 is a stationary amplifier. It covers all 1.5 to 30..
745.00€ 699.00€
Ex Tax: 699.00€
YAESU FT 8900R Transceiver 29/50/144/430 MHz -8%
ricetrasmettitore 29/50/144/430 MHzFull-Duplex-double cross-band listening-Royalt er  ..
305.00€ 280.00€
Ex Tax: 280.00€
The high-frequency design technology inherited guarantees the "best performance of the category..
1,000.00€ 950.00€
Ex Tax: 950.00€
YAESU FTDX 3000D transceiver from HF base and 50MHz 100W -9%
The tradition continues: FTDX3000 The FTDX3000D is the latest addition to the Yaesu FT-DX series. A..
1,399.00€ 1,279.00€
Ex Tax: 1,279.00€
YAESU FTM 100DE digital analog transceiver c4fm dual band 144/430 MHz -4%
is a dual band radio to 144/430 MHz that supports new digital C4FM/FDMAHas 4 analog/digital mode..
285.00€ 275.00€
Ex Tax: 275.00€
Now ... that's even more interesting ... New rotors designed for medium-sized and large antennas..
465.00€ 450.00€
Ex Tax: 450.00€