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  • Marca: wimo
  • Disponibilità: Disponibile
  • Codice Prodotto:: DVMEGA-DUAL
  • Peso: 0.10kg
Viste del prodotto: 2003
Imponibile: 110,65€

The boards DVMEGA-DUAL are daughter cards for the Raspberry Pi. In combination with this single board computer it becomes very easy to construct an entire radio solution for a low power D-Star Node Adaptor.

The DVMEGA transceiver board utilizes the chip ADF7021. This IC constitutes a complete transceiver for digital data with GMSK modulation. The control of the transceiver chip is handled with a local ATMEGA 328 on the same board. The result is a flexible digital transceiver component with low power for the frequency range from 144 to 148 (DVMEGA-DUAL) and from 430 to 450 MHz (DVMEGA-DUAL and DVMEGA-UHF). The DVMEGA board handles the radio side and the modulation/demodulation part, the Raspberry Pi is used for the protocol handling of D-Star (and future digital modes).

The software for the Raspberry Pi is available in a Yahoo group. here G4KLX offers programs like ircDDBGateway and the PCRepeaterController. With these programs and the above mentioned hardware it becomes very easy to construct a local low-power hotspot for digital modes. The benefit is, tha tduie to the dlexible construction and software future developments can be made available as well.

Please consider your local regulations concerning the construction and use of such radio systems. The combined products do not have a CE mark and should only be used by licensed radio amateurs.

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