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The HYBRID-MINI-Series is a new development of Chameleon. The base is fully compatible with almost any previous and future products.. 
The headstone is the base, which with various antenna configurations from 160m to 6m operates at a maximum power of 800W. 

Here some configurations with the HYBRID-MINI-Series:

  1. HYBRID-MINI-Base with end feed wire (included in delivery) 
    The HYBRID-MINI End Fed antenna configuration covers 160 to 6 meters without any gaps. 
    The HYBRID-MINI End Fed is perfect for apartments, condominiums, homeowners associations, deed restrictions, field day operation, portable installation, stationary vehicular installation and many more. 
    The base does not require grounding, but e generally grounding will be helpfull for every antenna construction. 
    The wire must not be in a line, you can use configuration types like vertical, sloper, horizontal, inverted "L", inverted "V", zig-zagged, etc...
  2. HYBRID-MINI-Base with mobile antenna 
    On the base you can use every mobile antenna with a 3/8" connector. 
    When the whip alone is not adjustable, then this is the perfect complement for this. 
    The base has on the bottom a 3/8" bolt and can be placed directly on existing feet.
  3. HYBRID-MINI-Base with vertikal whip 
    Well suited for this purpose, the base is perfect 
    In confined spaces remain vertical antennas are often the only way to be QRV. 
    In conjunction with the Chameleon MIL whip antenna you have a vertical for the 160m - 6m with only 3m length.
  4. HYBRID-MINI-Basis mit Dipolantennen 
    Of course, the base is also used to connect various dipole antennas. 
    Depending on the building height and building form of either a steep or radiation, the typical dipole characteristic is achieved. 
    Various design sketches are shown at the bottom of the page.

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