OM1500 Amplificatore HF 1500W

OM1500 Amplificatore HF 1500W
Fuori produzione
OM1500 Amplificatore HF 1500W
  • Disponibilità: Fuori produzione
  • Produttore: OM-Power
  • Codice prodotto: OM1500
IVA esclusa: 3.315,96€

OM1500 Shortwave-PA, 1500W



OM1500 Amplifier OM1500
OM1500 Amplifier Rear view

The OM-Power Amplifier OM1500 works from 1,8 - 29 MHz, including the WARC bands. The Amplifier works also on 50 MHz. A GS23B ceramic tetrode ensures a stable output power up to 1500W.

The OM1500 has 3 antenna outputs, which can easily be switched from the front panel. The operating parameters are displayed on a OLED display with 4x20 characters. In addition, a analog cross needle meter for the forward power and reflected power is installed.

In addition, several LEDs indicate the operating status at a glance. For a simple adjustment to the operating frequency, there is a TUNE-LED, which indicates the correct tuning.

Extensive protective circuits prevent damage to the OM1500 event of incorrect operation. Critical parameters such as SWR too high, too high a grid or anode current, mismatch, etc. are constantly monitored. If an error occurs, the PA switches to standby.

A temperature-controlled fan ensures the sufficient cooling of the GS23B tetrode. If the tube should be changed, the voltage will calibrate automatically. A complicated trimming is not necessary.

The OM1500 is in this class with only 22kg, the lightest tube amp from commercial production. In addition, the OM1500 works on 6m with full power.

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